I am born and raised a Southern boy, hailing from South Carolina. I have been photographing for over 10 years now. I began on a Canon Rebel SLR (thanks in part to Andre Agassi) shooting film. Since I learned on a Canon, it has always been my camera of choice. I went to school for Architecture, but also love being behind the camera. It too is a method of creating, constructing through a different medium.

After graduating I lived in China for 2 years working with a Missions organization. I continued my photography during this time shooting more than 15,000 images by the time I returned to the States. Living in and learning about a different culture helped develop my style as a photographer. I learned to tell stories through the lens. Primarily because I wanted to convey to others what life was like in the new land that I was living. But it ended up helping me to process and understand all that I was seeing and experiencing.

It was also while overseas that I met my beautiful wife, Kristen. We were married shortly after returning to the states. Her creativity as a writer and her beautiful mind are both a big part of my inspiration.

Photography is about seeing and capturing moments. I love to observe and capture the world around me.

Our lives are one continuous moment. Life is but a breath and I believe it’s important to pause and reflect on specific moments throughout our lifetime. To remember where we were at a certain point, what was happening during that time, to look back and laugh and cry, and to share these moments with the people that we share our lives with.

I hope that you are able to share in mine through my images on this site. Thanks for stopping by.